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The 2 best pizza toppings, guaranteed. (Spinach, asparagus & ricotta/ Parma ham & fig)

So the World Cup has kicked off (literally) with full force, and like my pal at work says, you certainly cannot beat them, so you may as well join em.

Personally, I quite like the World Cup. I never watch football and support no team really (I am one of the few lucky ladies in England who is not a football widow, Will has no favourite team) but every 4 years I like to make an exception. I think a lot of my love - well maybe that is too strong a word, let's say "contented tolerance" - of the World Cup bonanza comes from my Dad, and his clever scheme to get a house full of women not interested in sport into the world cup.

Our favourite food in New Orleans

Maybe, like me, today you'll be celebrating Pancake day aka Shrove Tuesday aka Mardi Gras by swapping your normal Tuesday night supper of salmon and veg (ok ok pasta and cheese) with a little bit of batter, lemon and sugar. Mm mm mmmm.

Or maybe you are like 2017 me, or a lucky resident of New Orleans Louisiana and you are going to spend today catching beads, drinking hurricanes and dancing in the street. Mardi Gras, NOLA: its tagline is "the greatest party on earth" and I am not gonna lie, it is pretty fun if you are ready to embrace it - and you give the drunk guy vomiting down himself on Bourbon Street a wide berth.

9 nice (and 3 slightly bad) things | January and February.

Normally I begin these 9 nice things list with a whole expansive waffeling on the state of the world (ie. my musings on Trump and Brexit) or mental health (mine, mainly) and arguably now, 2 months since I last posted, is as good a time as any to give everyone (well my 40 subscribers and my mum and dad, hi guys!) a thorough update on my life, but I have stumbled across a playlist I made in 2013 for Will when he was in Australia, and my need to "jamm" (if you will) along is taking up 99% of my attention. So without further adieu 9 nice things (and 3 bad things) January which is all I have brain capacity for currently: