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Loner Lover Friend... Mama

My ideal plan for this post was to recreate the picture of Beyonce when she announced her twins, but I tried that in Seville poolside and I don't look that great and not sure how into the photoshoot Will was so here I am, nothing quite as artistic unfortunately.

Also before we get to the really crux of this post can I just say, isn't it such a blogging and insta world thing to announce yourself "mama"? Not mummy, never mum, the chic French version of the word that only adorable babies (read no teenage boys) call you.

But anyway yeah, there is a little baby boy in my belly and I will one day be everything from a "mama" to "eurrrggg muuuum"!

9 nice, and 3 slightly bad things | June and July

Internet, I am a fireball of excitement, even though my should-have-been-winning sweepstake team, Spain, were knocked out of the bloomin football by Russia today say whaaaat? Nonetheless I cannot be got down, as this afternoon I booked my 30th birthday treat with Will, and bloody hell I. cannot. wait.

If any of you have ridden the on and off rollercoaster which is this little blogspot, you might remember two and a half years ago I surprised Will with a trip to New York. I literally met him for lunch with a suitcase I had packed with his clothes, and told him we were getting on a flight to the big apple. It was amazing, and I know he sort of wanted to do a huge surprise for me but then he was being all indecisive and got me to make the final decision and I am so glad he did. Mainly because I love all the control and planning, but also, now I have almost 2 months to just get more and more excited.

As we've been away quite a lot this year (24 hours in Tokyo blog post coming soon, hopefully) we've decided to trade air miles for luxury and are going here - we're staying in a hut which is also a suite with a roll top bath one night, and then the next we're staying in the posh manor where a michelin starred chef will design us an individual menu. Annndd it is 25 minutes from Stratford upon Avon so I am hopeful we can squeeze in some Shakespeare on the way home. I KNOW. Can I even think of 3 bad things for this post, when my mind is so clouded by pure elation and anticipation of all the food, and spa, and chill time? (Spoiler: Yes)

The 2 best pizza toppings, guaranteed. (Spinach, asparagus & ricotta/ Parma ham & fig)

So the World Cup has kicked off (literally) with full force, and like my pal at work says, you certainly cannot beat them, so you may as well join em.

Personally, I quite like the World Cup. I never watch football and support no team really (I am one of the few lucky ladies in England who is not a football widow, Will has no favourite team) but every 4 years I like to make an exception. I think a lot of my love - well maybe that is too strong a word, let's say "contented tolerance" - of the World Cup bonanza comes from my Dad, and his clever scheme to get a house full of women not interested in sport into the world cup.