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Lover: Pizza at Story Deli

Wouldn't it be great if there was a place with all the romance and candlelight of Clos Maggiore, the price tag of a good night in Byron (the ones where you get the macaroni cheese and the skin on fries and an oreo cookie milkshake and you add avocado to your burger, say whaaat), the secrecy of Back in 5 minutes, and on top of all this your boyfriend was really up for going there as all it sold was amazing pizza. 

Well folks. There is such a place. And that place is hidden behind what looks like just a fabulous shop selling an electic mix of whitewashed story boxes, lace capes, vintage bicycles and amazing necklaces with massive f-off gems. 

I haven't yet worked out how to buy anything from the shop, although I have begun a shopping list of my most wanted items (all of the things listed above and then some) but I have found the restaurant it hides.

You can't actually buy a car there, or a small upperclass fashions leather shop, the window is just super clean and reflective...

To access Story Deli, you have to walk past the shop following a sign for "pizza", less than a minute down the side of Brick Lane everyone forgets exists, the bit on the other side of Bethnal Green Road. The bizarre and beautiful shop front isn't the only thing to throw you, to access Story you have to knock and then one of the two waiters come and let's you in. 

One step over the threshold and you are transported from the loud, mucky and bustly Brick Lane into a little skylit room, where everything from the walls to the tables to the chairs is white and candles flicker on tables, shelves and in nooks throughout the restaurant.

So secretive, yet so inviting. 

The seating is designed in rows of tables, but this is certainly no Wagamamas, and when I've visited it has never been so busy that you can barely slice your pizza without starting an elbow wars with the person next to you, and I think this is how Story wants it to be.

The menu is "just" pizza. Pizza with the thinnest and crispiest bases, the freshest and most inventive toppings, the creamiest of cheeses. Dare I say perhaps the best pizza I've had in London?

At 17 quid a pop, some would say it better be the best in London. The pizza at Story is not cheap and they are too thin to really be a sharing pizza, unless your appetite is signifcantly smaller than mine, but even if it is - do not share this pizza!

I ordered the Charlie Jones: tomato passata, roasted red peppers, spicy 
sausage, taleggio, parmesan, toasted spices, garlic, crushed birds eye chillies & 
sweet chilli sauce. Amazing.


Will ordered the  Dora Romero: chorizo, smashed tomatoes, tomato passata, fresh red onion, 
buffalo mozzarella, mascarpone, roasted rosemary oil & basil pesto. His was pretty amazing too.

To check out all their menu and for more about them, go here.

Wine comes in just red or white, but it is not one of those places which has a limited wine list because they don't believe in good ones. We had the red and it was delicious. Wine costs £30 for a bottle or £6 for an 125ml glass, so obviously we got the bottle. We couldn't finish it as we had already wet our whistles at 5cc, the speakeasy esq cocktail club underneath the Well and Bucket, but they gave us a great little stopper I still use and makes me feel a lot better about spending so much money on red wine and pizza.

Story Deli is open every day and doesn't take bookings so just head there now! I went for dinner and I'd recommend that as it was so romantically candle-lit but I reckon it would be lovely and light and airy at lunch.

It will cost you:

Last minute edit - I was walking past today, and they have actually made the front shop bit something you can buy stuff from! But the bicylcle and the lace cape have gone, and the f-off gems are maybe too f-offish up close and personal, unless you are a braver dresser than me...

Another last minute edit - The shop is now turning into some sort of office with a massive painting of nipples instead of curtains.

A final edit as I cannot be bothered to do another one: The bike and lace cap are back! And it looks like a shop, but is not one again. Oh Shoreditch and your ever changing ways.

Copyright of the top photos: I got too drunk on peach and ginger sours at 5cc (yum) first, so my photography skills that night were limited to the dark blurry picture of my pizza further down the post... I nicked this one from hyhoi.com on google images.

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