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Friend: Eat melted cheese with everything at Forza Win(ter)

There wasn't actually a weird picture of a Christmas tree on the Forza Win(ter) table, but it is December so I am decorating everything, including Loner. Lover. Friend. Cos y'know. CHRISTMAS.

So my last post was a little heavy, sorry. This post will be heavy in a different way. In a "I have eaten so much carby, gooey, cholestroly cheese and now I can barely move and feel so heavy" sort of way.

And I will again share details about myself, that will make Will yet again crease his nose up when he reads it, and ask whether that is just too much for the internet. But again, in a different way:

I took my sister to Forza Win(ter) for her birthday present, but Forza could seem like it should really sit in the "Lover" category, rather than the "Friend" one. The candlelight, the sharing platters, the fact that it is held in an old cash and carry in a slightly dodgy area of the already slightly dodgy Peckham, which means you might want male company walking you there from the station. It all says "date night". But there is one thing that really does not say date night and that my friend, is the cheese. 

At Forza Win(ter) they serve a fondue, but this not the fondue you are used to, which is like 50% white wine, 50% cheese. This fondue is made purely of cheese, melted down with double cream. It means it is flipping delicious, a fabulous party in your mouth, but then alas, in your tummy. There is no way that after consuming this much cheese and cream you are going to want to go home and do anything but lie down and rub your bloated tummy, before passing out in a cheese coma. You certainly will not want anyone seeing your food baby stomach unless it is covered in a onesie or maybe a massive wooly jumper. In short, there will be no loving going on after a trip to Forza. 

This sounds like I am giving Forza Win(ter) a negative review. I certainly am not. The cheese is amazing, and the accompaniments are incredible. Arancini risotto balls with melted cheese anyone? Ginger Pig Porchetta? Fabulous - it is all so good, I am not sure whether I should make it a winter tradition. I actually first went to Forza Win(ter) a few years ago when it is was held on a roof top in Bethnal Green. (I am yet to go to the one without the (ter) - I've never made it to Forza Win in the summer months, when they've specialised in pizza and Italian barbecue). Obvs, a roof top in the winter is pretty nippy noodles, even though we were under a fairly lit marquee, and there were patios heaters under the marquee too. Which actually seemed like a pretty significant fire hazard at the time. The cash and carry still felt a little fire hazard-ish (flames everywhere, and we were pretty packed in) but it was a damn sight warmer. Plus it had a vending machine with coffees and beers in, so that was fun.

So this little pumpkin stuffed with ginger pig herby amazing mince, looks d-sgusting, but is in-credible.

And for puds, this chocolatey orange mousse scrumminess.

Also, the crowded-ness and long tables which make you feel like you might not get out in a fire, also are what add the atmosphere to the experience. There is lot of feeling of camaraderie there, like you are all having to overcome some adversity together, when actually the only adversity you are facing is trying to eat so much cheese and cream. There is just one sitting per night too, and you have to be there at a certain time, so that adds to it feeling like you are just at one big cheese filled party too. At one point everyone in the place stood up to sing happy birthday to some man Paul, and cheersed their glasses. You don't get that in TGI Fridays.

So if you fancy some cheese this winter, how much will it cost? You buy tickets for Forza Win(ter) and pay upfront by going here, but then you can buy wine and wotnot on the night.

I write about cheese a lot. If you like cheese and carbs, you might also enjoy this post: Lover: Mishkin's Covent Garden - they have 3 types of macaroni cheese there

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