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Loner: CLOTHES: 9 places and ways it is totally appropriate to wear your Christmas jumper

Yesterday I was on the phone to my friend Katy about what we were wearing to our friend's Christmas party. She works as a fashion buyer, and is one of the best dressers I know, like significantly better than most celebrities with stylists, so she is a great person to go to for fashion advice. "I am wearing my new Topshop velvet jumpsuit, with my Christmas cardigan" I said confidently. There was a bit of an awkward pause on the line. "Ok," she said supportively, "you could do, just I don't know if people are doing the Christmas jumper thing, I think it is more of a nice trousers and nice top sort of occasion." Which made me think, when did it become the norm to only wear Christmas jumpers when everyone else is doing it too? Why can't we just wear our Christmas jumpers, with everything, everywhere, every day of December, because it is Christmas and it helps us feel all the magic and joy of the yuletide period? So I say move over Christmas jumper with jeans to Christmas jumper parties, here are 9 ways I have and will wear my Christmas jumper this Christmas season.

1. To a nice restaurant:

Pre the party, Will and I were grabbing dinner at one of our favourite steak restaurants - the Jones Family project. Bless him, he was actually very supportive about my decision to wear a Christmas cardigan to a place where they charge £26 for their cheapest steak with no sides, and everyone else is dressed impeccably. He completely genuinely remarked it was a great idea, when I tossed it on. But you know what, in my fashion credential-less opinion, it totally worked. I mean no one looked at me weirdly, and it made me feel super Christmassy, so that to me is working. I think the pros of having a Christmas cardigan is it is maybe easier to class it up than a full on Christmas jumper, I just picked mine up for a tenner at a vintage shop a couple of years ago and it still going strong.

This doesn't quite show the glory of this Topshop jumpsuit, but the camera was making it look weird in the crotch area, a standard jumpsuit problem... take a better look here. (At the jumpsuit, not my crotch, obviously). I am also wearing some Nine West court shoes I bought when I was 15, but have come back in, cosy'know, leopard print is a neutral.

2. Hungover:

And how I am wearing my Christmas cardigan today. Cos when you are feeling mopey from all the booze you drank the night before, it definitely perks you up when you look down or see your reflection in a mirror, and it distracts you from the massive bags under your eyes and your ridiculous hair. Also, I am double jumper-ing, which keeps you snug now it is getting nippy noodles, plus means you can peel off and then throw on layers when you are getting the hangover sweats and chills.

The Christmas Jumper is my vintage one I am wearing above (it is not actually so wibbly wobbly, it is just my rubbish editing), the checked jumper is £40 from Oasis, and then I've got some cosy fairisle leggings from Boohoo, for a bargain of £10 

3. Clubbing:

Hells yeah. If there was such a thing as a sexy Christmas jumper, surely it is this one from Toppers. Paired with these shorts as well you will feel fabulously Christmassy and yet like hot stuff. Although you may feel like actual hot and sweaty stuff, so maybe stick a little something underneath. I love this top from ASOS. I found it in LOOK magazine, but I can't find it anywhere on the website - but I am keeping an eye out in the new in section for it!

Jumper,£46, faux fur rabbit heels, £58, dark green velvet shorts, £36 all Topshop.
Bejewelled top, £28, somewhere on ASOS...

4. To the office:

Of course this Friday 12th December it is Save the Children's Christmas jumper day, which raises funds for children all over the world by getting people here in the UK to work a Christmas jumper at work. However, I personally think you can get away with a Christmas jumper every day, no? I just dressed up an old M&S pencil skirt, and Zara shirt, and smartened things up by nipping it in with a waist belt. Tomorrow's outfit to get me out of my Monday morning blues sorted.

5. To a Christmas party:

Obvs yesterday I just wore my velvet jumpsuit, but next Christmas party I am desperate to bring out this tutu I bought last week in the ASOS Black Friday sale. I personally think you can totally casual up a tutu with a jumper, and I think with this adorable M&S jumper it would be perfect to a low key Christmas drinks do.

This adorable Robin jumper is from Marks&Sparks and is in the sale at £20.50, Tutu (this is actually a tall version, even though I am 5'3 but I like it cos it means it goes past the knee, and thus you look less than a child) £60, ASOS.  Velvet navy blue heeled boots, £45, ASOS.

6. Sunday pub: I really love the idea of un-grannying a Christmas jumper with a leather skirt. This one is particularly ungrannyish because of all the zips. It is really similar to a baby blue Zara pleather skirt they had in in the summer, and I get so much wear out of that one, I think this River Island black one is defo worth the investment.

Pug Rudoph jumper, £18, Boohoo,  Key embellished blouse, in the sale at £17.50, M&S,  Real leather zip detail black skirt, £70, River Island, Patent black boots, £78, Office

7. Just out and about: Ice skating, Christmas shopping, lazing on the sofa and attempting to get drunk on mulled wine, for me, my favourite way to wear a Christmas jumper is just with wooly tights, a neutral dress and my favourite boots.

8. On Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day: Because you have to wear a Christmas jumper every day of Christmas whether it is with your wonderful faux fur trimmed dress, or just with your turkey eating leggings on.

9. On Christmas Jumper day. And of course, as well as standing out from the crowd in your Christmas jumper, blend into a crowd too, and do something lovely together. Support Christmas jumper day this Friday, and raise funds for children all over the world that don't have all the opportunities, education and basic things like food, water toilets and a good chance of making it through childhood, which of course every one should. Find out more about how you can raise money by bringing out your Christmas jumper here.

I don't normally write fashion posts, but I am super hungover today, so this seemed like a good excuse to basically shop online and try on all my new favourite clothes.

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