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Loner: A big HIYA to 2015 (Janxiety fixer number 1)

Happy New Year everyone! So this "loner" post is more of a musing about what 2015 will hold, rather than something nice to do all by yourself, but then I guess musing is a nice thing to do on your lonesome, especially if you are tucking into a melted camembert as you do it, which I am. (New year, new heathly me is clearly going excellently).

The upside of loving Christmas like I do is I have a bloody good time. The downside is January gets me in a little panic. This morning I was doing my laundry and I had to take a break and perk myself up with a SATC boxset after having to wash the pjs I last used on Christmas eve, as it made me nostalgic to remember, well, last week.

Why is it that January makes us so blue? If anything our lives should be better, now we've received all our goodies from Christmas and now have Topshop knee high boots/Jo Malone candles/ personalised jars of nutella (enter your favourite gift as appropriate) in our lives. If anything that we have January blues is actually quite a nice thing because it must mean Christmas really is more about the season of goodwill and the time spent with loved ones than the presents, and actually you can be joyful and make time for your friends and family all year round.

Nonetheless, January blues are a thing, and as such, I am going to make all of my January posts about busting January blues, by looking at little lovely things you can do in January.

But I guess the first blues busting thing, which fits a new year very well, is vowing for this year to be the best one yet. One of my favourite quotes is from one of my favourite books - Anne of Green Gables - from one of my favourite characters - Anne, herself. "Tomorrow is always a fresh with no mistakes on it". Well, when it comes to a new year, right now a whole year is a fresh with no mistakes on it. You are yet to pick a silly fight with your boyfriend, eat pizza for breakfast instead of a green smoothie, not be bothered to do a nagging task and procrastinate watching tv you don't even care about instead. I mean it is the 3rd January, so naturally I have now done all those things in 2015, but you get my point, standing where we are in 2015, it has the potential to be our best year yet.

Sometimes making new year's resolutions can seem a bit depressing, lots of telling yourself not to have something, vows to be a better person which sort of implies you are not good enough already. I want to make my resolutions saying yes to things, not saying no. Making habits which are going to help me have more fun, be more present, be more grateful, be more mindful and generally be happier.

I've decided - as resolutions don't just have to be a January thing - that my first resolution of 2015 will be to keep on making resolutions. I am going to have a little focus each month (as it takes 30 days for something to become a habit) to form happy new habits. This month, I am going to focus on feeling like I have more time, and to put a stop to those little naggling stresses which are easy to ignore, but you suddenly remember and make you snap over silly things like a 6 minute wait for the central line, or your jumper being itchy. Therefore this month, I am going to go to bed and wake up earlier, so I start my day as I mean to go on (rather than running down the road eating nutella on toast wearing the first thing I saw in my wardrobe, as happens far too often). The second resolution I am making is to spend half an hour every day tackling nagging tasks - setting up direct debits, emailing landladies about damp, all those things that I never bother to put down on a to-do list outside my mind and therefore never do. But yeah, basically my resolution is to try and make 2015 the best year yet, though it has a few amazing ones to beat.

Hope you have a lovely 2015 too, and I am going to leave you with some inspiration - this TED blog my friend Jas sent me about some possible new year's resolutions, and a handful of inspiring quotes and memes I've collected. Do all things with love is accidentally there twice, sorry, but hey, I reckon it is an important one!


What about taking up running this new year? It is one of the best things I do. Read more about it in this post Loner: Go for a run.

All quotes are from pinterest or google images, if you want yours credited or removed just let me know. Thanks!

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