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Loner: January blues buster #3: 9 obvious but fabulous things you can do to make your Monday bathtime feel extra dreamy

If there is one really good thing about January, it is the amount of time we have (as Christmas has made us too poor to go out) to lie around in bubble baths. Most of us are not rich enough to take our Monday night post work, run, dinner and laundry bubble bath in Richard Branson's Mahali Mzuri safari resort in Kenya (pic above), but here are 9 things I did to my bath tonight which made my bath a little closer to this stay-in-it-forever £2600 one, at a snip (0.0000000000001%) of the price:

1. Prepare your bathroom - cleaning your bathroom from top to toe is the last thing you want to do on a Monday night no? But just chuck all the shower gels, shampoos, razors, that weird back scratcher you bought once but never use, into a plastic bag for now, it just makes your bath feel cleaner and more relaxing without the effort of de-limescaler.

2. Prepare yourself - take your make up off, maybe oil up (ooer) with some baby oil, argan oil, coconut oil if you have some, it will make your skin even more dreamy and soft when you come out.

3. You know those flowers you were probs going to chuck away in a few days anyhoo? It won't really destroy your bouquet if you pick one out and put the petals in your bath and it will make your bath vaguely resemble this one...


4. In fact take the whole bloody bunch in there (not in the actual bathwater just put your vase in the bathroom) in a place where you can look at it. Your boyfriend is not going to be appreciating its aesthetics whilst he is playing the playstation. If you squint a bit and look at it, makes you feel like you could be in a nice hotel. Or at your parent's house, either way, relax o' clock.

5. You know that expensive bubble bath your great Aunt got you for Christmas, that you put aside for some sort of weird bath "special occasion" and will come across when you are moving out and it has all gone off? Put it in now. I crumbled up a good 70% of this Lush bar which was £2.75, but hey, as treats go, that isn't an excessive one. Live a little, it is just a bath.

6. Get your snacks prepared. A glass of prosecco maybe? A little cherry beer. Both have been great bath companions of mine before. But tonight I am making a delicious cup of peach gingersnaps tea as I am trying to avoid alcohol on weeknights... however, I am using my poshest of herbal teas, so that is almost as relaxing as a glass of fizz. And maybe, if you don't find it disgusting to eat in the same room you go to the loo in, you could have some food. It gets a bit difficult to avoid it getting soggy, but I am pretty sure my really low day during glandular fever when I ate melted red leceister and cheddar toasties with cracked black pepper in a bubble bath basically cured me of it. Basically.

That dark stuff in my jam jar is I because I attempted to make basil water - I wanted to add something spa-ish to my water (important to hydrate whilst you are at a spa) and didn't have any cucumber, lemon, lime or mint so I decided to go with basil. Basil water, that's a thing no? Well it should be, it doesn't taste that weird. (It does taste weird, don't try it)

7. Get your bathtime activities ready. A book, a magazine, a relaxing cd. A book and a magazine and a relaxing cd. I enjoy this one. And do you know what I am going to listen to it on? My bloody laptop. That's right I am a crazy rebel who takes their laptop in the bath. Well not in the bath because then I would almost definitely electrocute myself and die. Or at least break my MacBook Pro, and that would be a very bad bathtime. But I bring it in the bathroom without the cables and place it somewhere safe and secure where I can see. You haven't really felt relaxation until you've snuggled into a bubble bath whilst watching the latest episode of New Girl, trust me, if you haven't laptopped in the bath before, you should. But safely, and charger free.

8. Put a face mask on. I have not been a fan of those little one time use face mask you buy for a couple of quid from Boots ever since I had a terrible New Year's eve where my face puffed up so my eyes were like little rat eyes amid my massive cheeks, and my skin went red and raw and shiny (the photos from that NYE are not flattering - that I'd attempted to dye my light blonde hair chestnut brown with wash in wash out sachets which had turned my hair a weird strawberry blonde/ purple didn't compliment the raw swollen face). So now I like to get a tube or jar of face mask which I trust, as the chance of puffy face is basically nil if it didn't happen in the first use, and it means that I always have something already in my bathroom cabinet for when I want to treat myself to something special. At the moment I am loving Una Brennan's Rose Hydrate mask, as I am worried my attempt to overpower the colony of spots that has permanently moved into the left side of my chin is drying out the rest of my skin, and I want something to add that moisture back in. I recommend it, if you like it when your face smells like roses.

Or if you don't have a facemask, try making some of the ones on here - they all look pretty delicious and don't seem to have too many ingredients that you never would have in your fridge. Or easier still, just get a piece of kitchen roll, cut out holes for your eyes, nose and mouth - sprinkle with water and dab with moisturiser and that works pretty well. A trick I found on Hannah Gale's lovely blog, which terrifies anyone who comes across you wearing one as you look like the person from scream, but feels pretty swell.

9. And finally - light every candle in your house and put them in your bathroom. Every damn one.

Don't actually leave so many candles near your hair if you made one. Once I'd taken the photo I moved some of these babies away from the head end. Singed fringes is not a relaxing way to end a bath.

Happy bathtimes!

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  1. I am interested to see the purple rat eye new years eve pictures. Also now interested in having a bath. Vicky you funny funny lady, your (other) B xxx