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"You will attend an important event one day in November." Happy Chinese New Year!

As I waffled on about in my last post "A Valentine's message from Gwyneth and I" I really embrace any reason to celebrate in the soggy, grey early months of the year. Something to put a little spring in my step, even if the season is still a couple of months away.

Although (as you may have guessed from my photo) I have no Chinese heritage, for the past few years living in London, I've headed into Chinatown to celebrate Chinese New Year. London's Chinatown, though not able to compete in size with the Chinatowns stateside, is still such a vibrant and unique part of the city, which comes even more alive for the new year.

On Thursday, the first day of Chinese New Year, 7 pals and I started off with bellinis at the National Portrait Gallery restaurant bar - a restaurant I am now desperadoes to try out because of its amazing views of the west end, from Trafalgar Square to the House of Commons. We then headed on to Tao Tao Ju, one of the 80+ Chinese restaurants in the group of streets behind Leceister Square, and drank Tsing Tao and feasted on prawn toast, spicy ribs, fried seaweed, chicken dumplings, crispy beef, chicken in black bean sauce and more food I don't want to list anymore as I am starting to feel sick and yet impressed at how much I ate. All for the pricely sum of 20 smackeroons.

And the best thing about Chinese is obvs the fortune cookies.

Last year I got the loveliest fortune ever, which I still have stuck with blue tac to my computer at work, in hope that it will come true:

Happiness will be you for the longest time.

This year my friends and I got a few that made me rofl a bit. (But maybe in part because I was full of bellinis and beer).

You will attend an important event one day in November. (Received by my friend Clare, I enjoy how specific the fortune cookie writer has gone with that one).

Whether you choose love or fame, you can handle it. (Received by my friend Steve, who then started his pros and cons list of which one to choose)

If you don't dream too extravagant, they will come true. (A cynical fortune cookie there sent to my colleague Zina.)

And mine (I had 2, piggy).

Dancing is just like walking to music. (Hells yes)

You have a wild imagination. (True dat)

Happy Chinese New Year everyone! If you're in town, this Sunday festivities will fully overtake China town to celebrate the dawn of the year of the sheep. Check out other ways to celebrate here.

I've stopped labelling posts loner, lover or friend in the title, but you can still see everything split out by clicking on the pages or the labels at the bottom, and I am still gonna keep a completely even mix of the 3. (Someone might have noticed I owe you a lover post, as I skipped it, it is on its way). Some more ideas of things to do in London with your pals? Check out "Friend: My favourite London afternoon teas"

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