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12 things to fix a slump day

So on Saturday I was feeling and acting like a proper lazy bum bum. For the first half of the day I tried to convince myself I'd ticked something off my to do list by catching up on Hart of Dixie and Ex on the Beach. Cos, err had to watch those at some point no? It took me until late afternoon to get out of my pjs and even then, I was wearing leggings and a t-shirt with no bra, and I hadn't showered so can that really count as me "getting up and dressed"?

 Various people in my life are always telling me that I probably do need days when I do nothing, but there are different types of nothing days. There are nothing days that are peaceful and relaxing and you just feel really calm and chilled all day. And there are nothing days which are toxic and a bit stressful, when you know you should be doing something but just can't be bothered. Saturday was the latter kind of day.

I guess all of my posts I write here are for me as much as anyone who comes across them - I like writing it as much as anything else, and it is nice to look back over lovely things I did once. But this one in particular is for me, as next time I am having an unwanted lazy day, I can have a look at this and drag my arse out of it.

So next time I am having a day like Saturday, or if you are, here are 12 easy ways to drag your arse out of your slump: I've put the easiest ones first, and the hardest ones towards the end so you can build up to it (!), and finally what to do if none of the list so far is working...

1. Tie your hair in a ponytail, like a neat swishy ponytail, not a messy one. Is it just me, or even when I tie my (pretty short bob) hair up, I suddenly feel like, hells yeah, I mean business.

2. Wash your face, and put on some red lipstick. It looks good with everything, even a nightie. Got your game face on.

3. Make your bed. Especially if you are in it. (Obviously you will need to get out first).

4. Instagram something, anything. Even if it is your nails you painted yesterday, the flowers on your table you bought two days ago, there is something about that polished and filtered better version of ourselves we show instagram that I think actually gives us a kick to live up to the life we are claiming we have...

5. If you are going to be on the internet clicking around manically, and not doing anything even slightly hard, try and move away from addictive buzzfeed lists, and to fun but pick me up things. Read some inspiring lifestyle blogs, that will make you want to get off your butt and take lovely photographs (like these, how lovely is this blog?) or make oreo jelly shots or fix your own salt scrub. Plan some stuff for the holiday you've booked, or look at holidays you might want to go on next. You're gonna need that stuff some day so it is sort of productive, and definitely fun. Make a pinterest board, again arguably useful, certainly enjoyable.

6. Put on some get and go music - I always find this one (playing when Carrie falls over on the runway in SATC) works well for me.

7. Make a list of all the little jobs whirring around in your head, overwhelming you and making you feel like leaving your bed is a grave task. They always look so much less scary and like there are far less of them when written down on paper.

8. Do just one thing on that list, and then CROSS IT OFF.

9. Light your favourite candle, pop out and buy some flowers and put them in a vase. Even if there is loads of mess all around you need to tidy, that will be one pretty thing to focus on (and maybe inspire you to tidy the whole shop up).

10. Exercise for just 10 minutes - go for a run, do some jumping jacks, practice the Single Ladies dance (or your party trick dance of choice), and if you can keep going past those 10 minutes great. If 10 minutes is too much, just do a yoga sun salutation once through. Reach up, reach down and touch your toes...just do it once and try and think how invigorated you feel by it the whole time. My yoga app always tell me to "arch back with delight" and do you know what, when I do that, I sort of do feel delighted...

11. And if it still all goes to crap, and you still don't feel motivated after 1-9, or can't bring yourself to do any of them, well just embrace the nothingness. Put on a good movie, buy some yummy food, put on a face mask, turn your slump day into a pamper day.

12. Then if number 11 won't make you feel better, just go to bed as early is as reasonable and write the whole thing off. Because then you can get up early the next day, feeling refreshed and lively and you can make the most of that day instead.

I like lists. This one is one of my faves I've made: The pros and cons are living with your boyfriend, as told by Beyonce's visual album

Wish I owned this kitten at the top of this post and photographed it but alas no, we have never met. The photo was thanks to planetminecraft.com

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