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Twilight in the Sky Garden (Snapshots)

I bloomin love being up high buildings - feels so much more poignant and sophisticated having a gin and tonic 30 floors up instead of 1.

One of my best friends just came back from 6 months in Tokyo, and I was hearing from her and my other friend (her boyfriend) about this swish bar 41 floors up where from 5-9pm (twilight) you can enjoy unlimited drinks and canapes for £20. And this £20 doesn't just cover mimosas and bellinis, oh no, you can drink anything - from champagne to expensive whiskeys to cocktails. It is definitely on my bucket list now! (Is it a bad sign if you put an all you can drink bar on your bucket list? Never mind)

Anyhoo, for Will's birthday we watched the sunset at the top of 20 Fenchurch Street (more commonly known as the Walkie Talkie) in the Sky Garden, the UK's highest public gardens. You can book a ticket up the Sky Garden for free, but just a warning, unless you have far more self control than me - which to be fair you may well do - you are going to spend quite a bit more than £20 on drinks and canapes, and they will not be unlimited.

I did see some much more sensible people sitting in the garden reading a book, but to be honest when you're up there with the breathtaking views, and the gorgeous sunsets and the err fully stacked bars, it is very tricky not to order a drink or 2. In the cheapest bar on the concourse, it will cost you £11.50 (+service) for a cocktail, £7 (+service for a glass of house wine or prosecco) and like £16 (+ service) for say a branded double spirit on the rocks.

But pff the prices, check out the pictures (from light to dark):

Birthday boy was actually looking out that pensive, he isn't even posing intentionally here!
Don't even mind paying £11.50 for my cocktail if it comes with a flower!

So there you go! Overwhelmed you and me with photos now, sorry. FYI if you need more evidence of how nice it is up the Sky Garden all these photos were taken by me (with very poor photo taking abilities) with either my Samsung Galaxy 3 or my boyfriend's iPhone 6. Twilight at the Sky Garden just looks this damn good! Book a free visit to the Sky Garden here

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