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An east London bucket list

You know when you go to a party and you know that you'll see that boy you kissed who never texted, or the bloke you had a thing with but he let it just fizzle out, and you want to look damn good in hope that he feels a bit sad he let you go.

I don't think I've ever managed to do that - whenever there is any sort of occasion where I want to look nice, I crumble under the pressure and start experimenting with lilac eyeshadow and micro minis...

But today I've been out and about riding pedalos in Victoria Park, and strolling around Bethnal Green and she's certainly made me feel bad about leaving her. Sunshine, blossom galore on all the trees, people bustling around with arms full of fresh flowers from the Columbia Road flower market or sitting in Victoria Park drinking Sri Lankan chai tea and eating peanut butter and pomegranate tartines. Waaaaaaaa.

I am going to miss Bethnal Green so much when I move - eating artisan cheese at Broadway market on Saturday, buying flowers at Columbia road market and eating burritos on Brick Lane on Sunday... running and brunching in Victoria Park, eating and drinking out on Paradise Row, and just feeling so darn in the centre of everything.

So I've been trying to make sure I do all the things I wanted to do in and around Bethnal Green before I go. I will still work in Shoreditch, Bethy G's snazzier neighbour, so I figure I'll still get to hang around plenty there, but who knows how often I will stumble that extra half a mile down Bethnal Green Road...

Some of my favourite things for me to remember (or do this week if I haven't done them yet!) and things for you to do if you are around the area:

1. Flower shop on Sundays at Columbia Road
I love the crowds on Columbia road, and go and pick up flowers from there almost every Sunday. I head there just before the market closes at 3 when you can get some really good deals. Will finds the market crowds too much, but I don't mind it for a little while, and my walk there through the lovely little east London square is dreamy too. I once attempted to take slightly better photos on my big camera there, so will do a throwback post of all the beautiful Columbia road flowers soon...

2. Go and see a movie for less than a fiver at Richmix or Genesis
In these times of £12.50 Vue cinema tickets, I feel pleased as punch that I have not 1 but 2 cinemas where I can catch a flick for less than a fiver. At the top end of Bethnal Green road, you can see any film at Richmix for £5 (£6 if 3D) on Mondays or Tuesdays if you have an Idea store library card. And Richmix is probably the nicest and cleanest cinema I have ever been in - it does lots of foreign and art house films, plus some pretty wonderful events too. You can go and see a film (and eat pie!!) at Genesis cinema in Whitechapel for £4 on Mondays.

3. Pedalo on the lake in Victoria Park
Finally one of my bucket list dreams was fulfilled today (!) when my pal Rebecca and I went for a stroll, an oatmeal and raisin cookie and juice at the Pavillion (aaah) and half an hour on the pedalos in Victoria park. Much harder than I thought it would be, but that means I am going to count it as one of my exercises for the week...

Sorry for the scanky trainers...

4. Brunch at Bistrotechque
Pavillion does great brunches (as well as great cookies and juice) but the bookableness of Bistrotechque and the jazz pianist boosts it up in my book. Bistrotechque is a bit of a curve ball in terms of location, it is in the dodgier bit of Bethnal Green and tricky to find first time, but swanky and cool. It feels like you might be in New York. And the white decor and bloody maries are all you could possibly want and need on a hangover.

5. Vintage markets on Brick Lane
I'm sure I'll still pop to Brick Lane when I live South of the river, but it will be sad to not have it 10 minutes from my house when I am craving vintage clothing and market food. One of my favourite London memories is of walking home from the bus stop with my housemates, down Brick Lane after a night out South of the river. It was 4 something in the morning, and all the market stalls were setting up and it made me feel all triumphant about staying out so late (as I am generally an early to bed kinda gal).

6. Early morning swim in London fields lido
I went for my first swim outdoors of 2015 on Tuesday evening, and it broke my heart it could be one of my last outdoor swims in London fields lido. The place is heaving on sunny weekends, but fine on a pleasant evening after work. I am going to try it in the mornings before I go, though I sort of regret never taking a wintery dip there. Maybe I will have to save that for my new local lido when I move...

7. Pottery at Hackney City Farm
Hackney City farm - another fabulous breakfast venue, somewhere you can also see baby chicks and lambs and humongous pig and also pottery! My friend and Katy went there a couple of weeks ago, and once my pots have been in the kiln I'll be writing up a little review soon.

8. Go to the Tower of London for £1
If you live in the borough of Tower Hamlets, and you have a library card, you can go to the Tower of London for one bloomin pound instead of £22! That is a 95% off!

9. Tea at Tiosk
I am more of a green tea kinda girl than a coffee one, so this coffee shop for tea drinkers (though the do sell all the coffees too) is perfect for me. Every tea under the sun, perfect for taking away and then artistically strolling with through London Fields.

10. Breakfast at E. Pellici's
Quite possibly the thing I will miss the most about Bethnal Green is crossing over the road for breakfast at E. Pellici's every Saturday. Sure their fry up is damn good - think proper meaty sausages, freshly made hashbrowns and expertly grilled tomatoes, but the best thing are the people who work there. They are all such wonderfully friendly and eccentric people filling the little art deco cafe with chatter which switches seamlessly from Cockney to Italian. Every time I go in, they seem to be genuinely interested in how my week is going, want to show me pictures of their adorable babies, tease my boyfriend about his gym work out (the main guy walks past the gym window and sees him every day), treat me to custard tarts and the whole thing just gets my weekend off to such a great start. I will sorely sorely miss the Pellicis. You shouldn't come to Bethnal Green without a trip there (but FYI as an Italian Catholic family, E. Pellici's is of course closed on Sundays).

10 more to come in another post next weekend, but for now, I am off to enjoy this lovely evening sunshine, hope it is shining wherever you are too!

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