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GIANT creme eggs - how to

I can still remember a time when, in my childish confusion, I'd assumed that the boxed creme egg easter eggs were just a giant version of the standard creme egg. I remember my disappointment at unboxing it, feeling like it weighed a little light and then biting in to realise it was hollow. Insert that emoji with a single rolling tear here. And the one of the monkey covering its eyes. Smarties eggs had little boxes of smarties in the middle,  jelly tots eggs had little bags of jelly tots (though don't even get me started on why these eggs are made of chocolate not jelly tot) so why oh why were cadbury's creme eggs not filled with half a kilogram of pure fondant?

Perhaps because that would be a horrifically unhealthy thing to give a child and would probably in one fell swoop exceed a month's recommended sugar allowance? Maybe, but if that is the case it is one the Guardian have overlooked when their reporter, Zoe Williams, set out with chocolatier Paul A Young to make their own giant sized creme egg!

You can get the recipe and the how to on their website here!

I attempted one this morning, and (as it is aimed at kids) it was pretty easy! I still cut corners though, filling an already made egg rather than tempering and moulding chocolate and I used golden marzipan instead of yellow fondant. 

Tomorrow I am heading back home to the Chiltern Hills, for some chill time with my family and for an easter egg hunt with my little cousins which my Dad has made me promise to lose. But who will be the real loser when I have in my handbag this giant creme egg ey?

(I am kidding, I'll share it of course, imagine the come down after that sized sugar high...)

PS. Do you love creme eggs enough to wear these leggings?


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