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Carter's Steam Fair - When not to wear your favourite Hawaiian mini dress

The other weekend I headed to Carter's Steam Fair. Now I love even the roughest around the edges of fairs - when I was a teenager, the night the fair came to my local town was one of the best ones of the year: candy floss and rides that turned you upside down, followed by sleepovers and smirnoff ices and karaoke at my friend's nearby house. But Carter's Steam Fair is not like the typical fairgrounds that have toured England since the 1980s, it is like one out of Carousel or The Notebook, though with no Ryan Gosling to clamber up the Ferris Wheel and ask you out. *emoji of the man with the gritted teeth here*.

I first discovered it on one of my biggest blog crushes - Take Courage. To see Carter's Steam Fair in all it's glory, head here to read Cat's piece Strangers on a Train and look at her absolutely beautiful photograph's of Carter's Steam Fair.

My experience was not quite as instagram worthy as Cat's, it was more skirts flying up across my face on the banana boat, blinding me whilst revealing my knickers to everyone on the right half of the ride, whilst I was powerless to stop it as letting go meant falling off... so less of a kodak moment, but crying with fear on the Ghost Train and laughter at the Banana Boat pant incident- well Carter's certainly was fun.

Basically the lesson is, if you are going to take gorgeous atmospheric photographs of the fair, then dressing in a fabulous vintage mini dress which was originally purchased in a Hawaiian gift shop in the 50s makes sense. If however you are going to go on the Banana boat, wear trousers.

It's doing a little tour round London (next stop Stoke Newington) this summer, and then tours throughout the UK - you can have a look where they are next by visiting their website here.

Photo by Bessie Jewels

PS. Peckish for Korean food in Bethnal Green?

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