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Love is...cartoons

Do you remember these comic strips? The first one was published in 1970, the work of a New Zealand cartoonist, Kim Casali, but I remember them having a bit of a surge in popularity when I was just starting secondary school, definitely in my class anyway, lots of us would print them out and put them on our weekly planners!

I must have been young enough to look at them with a certain amount of childish innocence, I've never noticed they were naked before and actually some of them are quite riske!

A lot of the lover part of this blog is dedicated to exciting dates, interesting spots to visit with your other half, places to impress, but on Friday I had one of my most lovely date nights in ages, sitting in, eating chicken stir fry already in the fridge (not even ordering a Papa Johns as is my Friday night in standard...), drinking red wine, and attempting to watch 50 shades of Grey with Will, though he fell asleep about 4 minutes in. And that is counting the credits as 2 minutes of his watching time.

I turned it off, binge watched Nashville whilst Will slept on my lap, and cosily drank red wine whilst the lightening from the thunderstorm flashed across my living room. It was one of the first times I felt properly at home in my new flat, and it was a time when I was really aware of how content I felt, and how lovely a night I had had so far.

It made me think that for all the well thought out date nights, and all the money thrown at quality time, sometimes actually the moments we might look back at and remember in several years time, might be the ones which seemed everyday whilst they were happening. The nights when your boyfriend suggests to watch a film he knows is more up your street than his, when he does all the washing up and keeps your wine glass full to the brim, and tells you the "ready to cook" chicken you put in the oven with no effort is delicious and thanks you for it. The nights when your boyfriend snores lightly on your knee, and you can watch your new favourite TV programme without him complaining about all the country music, and err you can finish off his glass of wine, because he is literally snoozing and losing. Kidding! Sort of...but you get the gist, it reminded me not to forget to see the loveliness in the quieter, less exciting, less instagrammable times too!

 So maybe love can be just feeling as happy and content in your living room, as you would do at Beyonce's birthday party. Ok nearly as happy as content in your living room, as at Beyonce's birthday party, I mean I bet that girl can put on a good spread.

PS. An amazing date night up St. Pancras clocktower if you are in the mood to throw money at it...

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