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On red lipstick, and finally buying brown mascara

Good morning.

This is a short and sweet post today, as I need to leave bright and early to cheer on my uncle and cousins as they arrive for my uncle's 60th birthday at the pub on a bike. Well bikes. As you do.

Anyhoo, I've decided to make a weird foray into beauty blogging despite the fact that I only ever do my make up on public transport with my phone as a "mirror" (/mediocre reflective surface).

Previously I have had only one successful make up look, which is a flick of eyeliner (maybe a nice peachy/taupy eyeshadow if I am going out out), concealer, mascara and a cream blush. If I am going big, I may also add a dose of red lipstick, but with my fair and freckly features the darkness of the eyeliner eyes (though hardly heavy and smokey) and the bright lips seem too much, especially living in London where the accepted view to make up is less is more.

Enter brown mascara. Something I've never understood before, as why wouldn't you want your lashes to look as black and luscious as possible? Well as it turns out maybe because you want the focus on your lips and not to look overdone. Sort of obvious now I think about it.

 My new alternative beauty uniform is a tiny bit of concealer and cream blush, the tiniest amount of subtle brown mascara so my eyes don't disappear altogether but not enough to make them look remotely dark and smokey and lipstick. A bare looking face and a bright red lip. It makes me feel like a cool nineties model living in New York. You should try it.

PS. A trip to a meditation class

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