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Rhubarb and strawberry granita

British summertime is up to its usual tricks and toying with us at the moment - sweaty sunshine days on a Monday, and then slightly nippy rain all weekend. Thanks a bunch June, I am hoping you pull your act together pre- Glastonbury.

Anyway, on those days when the sun does finally show its face, I have been munching on this. And to be honest even on the days it doesn't, under a blanket whilst watching Once upon a Time on Netflix (my most recent Netflix addiction, don't judge me).

I discovered it mainly because I was worried about being able to eat half a punnet of strawberries that were already getting a little too soft, and I had a couple of sticks of rhubarb in the freezer (as a result of me panicking about the fact I'd spent £4 on 3 sticks of rhubarb and had no time or plans to cook with them). And, it turns out you can eat rhubarb raw. 

Clearly the fact that I have to google what I can eat before I do makes me well placed to be publishing a self made recipe on the internet...

If you are not too put of by that, this granita really is very delicious. I don't want to big up my bad self too much (and get your expectations too high when I am about to write out a recipe where the most difficult step is putting fruit in a blender) but I think this is pretty delicious. Also, not to get too competetive but the other day I had Pret's "Barista special" Rhubarb smoothie as a Friday morning treat, and I think this is a way yummier use of cold rhubarb.

Ingredients - makes about 4 helpings

1 large stalk of rhubarb, frozen
Half a large punnet of strawberries (approx 250 g if you are more into measuring)
A small cup of water (175 ml if you still want to measure stuff)
3-4 tablespoons of sugar (caster, coconut sugar, maple syrup, whatever you are into)
A squeeze of lemon

Snap the frozen rhubarb into sections that will fit in your blender/food processor.
Blend - the rhubarb will become like a cold crystallised powder.

Spoon this out in a sizeable tupperware (ice cream/ lunch box size).

Fill your blender with your fresh (or maybe a little past fresh and mushy, that's ok) strawberries. I don't both cleaning off any rhubarb remnants. 

Blend these and it will become like a thick strawberry smoothie/strawberry coulis.

Pour this out and add to the tupperware with the frozen rhubarb. Add, the water, lemon juice and sugar to this mix and stir. 

Place in the freezer. After a couple of hours, you can break up the frozen edges with a fork, and then after a further couple of hours it should be good to serve. I just tend to keep it in the freezer, let it freeze completely, but put it in the fridge 30-45 mins before serving.

Add mint and a strawberry, if you are going to take a snazzy instagram shot, otherwise leave it out as really, the mint doesn't go. (It was just very unphotogenic without it).

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