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What to pack for a festival when you are OLD

I call the look on the right, "sexy farmers wife"

After my brief foray in to beauty blogging (here) I am now making a strange sashay into fashion blogging, and it has been weeks since I talked about anything nice to do with a friend, or your boy, or even by yourself, the official subject of this blog. Sorry about that. And to make things worse I can't even promise next week I will be back and the straight and narrow, as I'll be at Glastonbury so I've lined up a recipe, though that is sort of something to make by yourself or enjoy with lovers and friends?!

So yes, Glastonbury. I don't know if I was ever at the place in life to wear bum shorts and a crochet crop top to festivals, but I do know that now I certainly am past it. Festival fashion has always intrigued and confused me. Firstly, it is hard to style anything with wellies, even if they are Hunters. Secondly, it seems weird to entirely throw out your sense of style the rest of the year to go completely embrace flower crowns and native american head-dresses. Having said all this, it is nice to give a slightly nod to your more hippy dippy side.

These are some of things I am gonna load the campervan up with:

1. Casual midi and on the knee dresses - slips, off the shoulder smocks, all of them
2. Embroidered cheesecloth and linen smocks and playsuits
3. Non bum revealing shorts - mum or boyfriend esq shorts only, paired with
4. Breton stripes and other grown up t-shirts
5. Bomber jackets
6. Yellow macs
7. Most things from Olive Clothing and Free People - 21 yr olds are too poor to spend £120 to a festival just to get mud on it. Thinking of which possibly so am I.
8. Flower crowns...of course - I may be old, but I am not dead yet
9. Aloe vera drinks, tumeric hot chocolate mix, and alker selzer to ward off any hangovers, and fix any that do appear
10. Favourite cleansers and moisturisers - as there is nothing better to prep you for a good - albeit tipsy - night's sleep, and refresh you in the morning than a freshly scented cleanser.

Sunglasses - Bailey and Nelson, round leather bag - Olive Clothing, Tote - Baggu for West Elm, Slip dress- Alexa Chung for M&S, Yellow Mac - Seasalt, Embroidered playsuit from boutique in Sydney, similar here, Flower crown - ebay

PS. Post festival pick me ups

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