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5 ways to pimp your rice pudding in less than 5 minutes

Clockwise from top right: pumpkin spice rice pudding, chilli chocolate rice pudding, peanut caramel rice pudding, rocky road rice pudding.

Happy Sunday y'all! This week I started following Reese Witherspoon on instagram, and I think I am just gonna start addressing people as y'all now too. I find it very becoming with my Buckinghamshire accent. This week it was also World Kick Butt Day (on Thursday  according to my ban-do planner who is the authority on these sorts of things...you'll be glad to know the 29th is National Cat Day). In an attempt to kick my own butt, since Thursday I've been doing all sorts of fabulous things like meditating, exercising, dusting and experimenting with different additions to shop bought tinned rice pudding.

A wholesome trip to Amsterdam

In early July, my pal Lynsey and I went to Amsterdam to celebrate our 20th friendiversary, that's a thing right? We've been friends ever since she waltzed into my year 3 class, the new girl, and we bonded over the love of our hamsters and Sweet Valley Twins.

This is a bit of a weird one as far as travel posts go, as we went to Amsterdam, and we didn't go to the Van Gogh museum, we didn't go to Anne Frank's house, and we didn't even try the umm... local delicacy. And I am not just saying that because my Mum and Dad are my keenest subscribers. Honestly, we didn't smoke anything, we didn't go out out in the red light district, and we didn't go to any sex museums or shows. Although I did see two prostitutes in the window, but that is beside the point and immature to mention, sorry. It was really, truly, a genuinely wholesome time. We were in bed with the Gilmore Girls on our ipads by half 11 each day, and it was exactly what I needed. Amsterdam is exactly the type of city to just wander, and snack and do not that much in. (Though I am not suggesting you go there and sit in bed watching the Gilmore Girls, one episode per day to fall asleep to, max. would be my advice)

9 nice things | September and October

9 nice things September

Vassos Alexander, of the Chris Evans BBC Radio 2 Breakfast show which attempts to ease me out of bed each morning, says that September is by far his favourite month. (Yeah, lets just gloss over that I am the only twenty something in England to listen to radio 2. Apart from Will, who is forced to listen to it too*.) For a long time I have not been a fan of September, because it means my birthday is over, as are my summer holidays. But now I don't get a cushty 6 week plus summer holiday anymore (waaaa) I sort of see what he means. September is a pretty good month, it is sort of the best of Summer and Autumn - you can still wear sandals, and can maybe host the odd barbecue, but you don't feel sweaty 40% of the time, and in the evenings the dark outside makes you feel all cosy, and that you can sit inside watching TV and drinking a hot chocolate with marshmallows while getting excited for Christmas, if you wanted.

So without further adieu, here are the 9 things that put the cherry on top of my September: