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9 nice things | September and October

9 nice things September

Vassos Alexander, of the Chris Evans BBC Radio 2 Breakfast show which attempts to ease me out of bed each morning, says that September is by far his favourite month. (Yeah, lets just gloss over that I am the only twenty something in England to listen to radio 2. Apart from Will, who is forced to listen to it too*.) For a long time I have not been a fan of September, because it means my birthday is over, as are my summer holidays. But now I don't get a cushty 6 week plus summer holiday anymore (waaaa) I sort of see what he means. September is a pretty good month, it is sort of the best of Summer and Autumn - you can still wear sandals, and can maybe host the odd barbecue, but you don't feel sweaty 40% of the time, and in the evenings the dark outside makes you feel all cosy, and that you can sit inside watching TV and drinking a hot chocolate with marshmallows while getting excited for Christmas, if you wanted.

So without further adieu, here are the 9 things that put the cherry on top of my September:

3 materialistic but nice things:

This West Elm leather swivel chair has left me rather poor, but my living room looking fiiiine

I have stocked up on a few of these boat necked bretons - a £7.90 bargain from Uniqlo

My friend got me this book about Hygge (the Danish word for basically relaxing with what you've got and being content) for my birthday and whenever I read it I feel lovely

3 nice blog posts:

Waiting on Martha's Guide to all things Fall (or Autumn if you are English like me). Am tempted to host a Halloween party just so I can use a pumpkin as an ice bucket.

Smitten Kitchen's apple plum cobbler.

Man Repeller's rofls article about living in the present. Sound advice in a funny way.

3 things money cannot buy, and are nice:

Classical fm. If you haven't tried listening to it in a candlelit bath whilst reading a book, well you should. (Radio 2 looks like the station of youths now ey.)

That first morning after summer when you step outside into blue skies and the air feels crisp rather than balmy, I bloomin love a change in season.

Strictly Come Dancing has started!

9 things to look forward to in October:

Aaah October. When I was 10, I begged my mum for a "colour analysis" like she had and behold, for my 11th birthday present I was taken along to some strange (but nice) lady's house, who held different coloured fabrics up against my face in front of a mirror, and pronounced me an "Autumn". No offence Springs, Summers and Winter but Autumn definitely is the prettiest season both on my body and in the general world I think - the oranges and yellows and golds against blue skies and green grass. Here are 9 things I am looking forward to this October:

Strictly come dancing continues

Opaque tights, knitted jumpers, boots. Autumn clothes are the best. Plus its a new season so an excuse to buy new Autumn clothes.

Spending entire weekends cosied up inside eating cinnamon buns and watching netflix and not feeling guilty because it isn't warm outside anyway.

Halloween - (slightly) scary movies, fancy dress, pumpkin cocktails, toffee apples.

It is the season for figs and Chai lattes (always my preferred to Pumpkin Spice)

Someone has put a floating farm in Greenwich, and it is free to go

Bubble baths (so much better when its cold).

Slippers are back

Leaving work in the dark is not so much fun, but do you know what is - leaving a swimming pool in the dark with wet hair. You get me.

Happy Sunday!

PS. Stuck for October plans? 4 different and surprising nights out in London which aren't all about prosecco

Photo via Pinterest

* Correction, but shit Will is 30. So Radio 2 should be his bag really...

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