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Christmas morning waffles

(or Boxing Day morning, or New Year's day morning, or one of those weird mornings between Christmas and New Year, as it is sort of ok to be late for work because you were having waffles for breakfast when it is the twenty something-th of December)

These waffles are a twist on one of my go to waffle recipes - A Beautiful Mess' Sour cream and caramelized banana waffles.

But I've added a teeny bit of booze to the sour cream, the left over cranberries you didn't need for your sauces and some Christmassy spices and huzzah. Christmas Waffles, perfect with a glass of bucks fizz to start off your big day.

9 nice things | November and December

Like a fair proportion of the world, I don't think I will remember November 2016 as the best ever month. Whether you were pro Trump or anti Trump, living in the US or watching the election with baited breath from the outside, a divided country (perhaps world) where neither side can fathom and sympathise with the side of the other doesn't feel like a good thing. And, without sharing something which isn't mine, against the backdrop of this world tragedy, someone I love more than anything also experienced their own personal tragedy. Another thorn in the side of November. But without the dark, you can't see the stars and all that, and however bad a day is, or a month there are always things to be grateful for, though I acknowledge that is easier to say when I am not a US citizen, and the personal tragedy is not mine.  I am going to start with the money can't buy bit of 9 nice things this month, because it seems odd to follow that intro with a list of clothes I purchased (though don't worry you can scroll further down for that)