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9 nice things | November and December

Like a fair proportion of the world, I don't think I will remember November 2016 as the best ever month. Whether you were pro Trump or anti Trump, living in the US or watching the election with baited breath from the outside, a divided country (perhaps world) where neither side can fathom and sympathise with the side of the other doesn't feel like a good thing. And, without sharing something which isn't mine, against the backdrop of this world tragedy, someone I love more than anything also experienced their own personal tragedy. Another thorn in the side of November. But without the dark, you can't see the stars and all that, and however bad a day is, or a month there are always things to be grateful for, though I acknowledge that is easier to say when I am not a US citizen, and the personal tragedy is not mine.  I am going to start with the money can't buy bit of 9 nice things this month, because it seems odd to follow that intro with a list of clothes I purchased (though don't worry you can scroll further down for that)

Things money can't buy

Crisp Autumn sunsets when the whole world goes orange

Walking or running outside in the rain, and then coming home to a huge bubble bath (and a glass or two of red wine)

The Gilmore Girls revival came on Netflix, so if you haven't yet dish out a pack of poptarts, surround yourself with leftover Chinese food and pour yourself a large coffee (or martini or long island iced tea) because you have a 6 and a half hour date with Lorelai and Rory.

On the world wide web

Amazing quick, easy and cheesy sweet potato gnocchi

Brian Pedaci's tweet to help us see the funny side of Brexit and Trump

Guardian columnists Stuart Heritage and Mary Hamilton's post US election cheer corner full of every cute youtube video, meme and tweet you've ever missed

Retail therapy

A tealy/greyish/green pleated velvet midi skirt from M&S. I wore it with a breton to my first work Christmas party last week and felt very festive, yet, understated.

These red ankle boots from the Finery with just the right amount of heel and shine.

A bunch of Eucalyptus, £10, from a city flower stall, but that I am getting my money's worth by preserving with vegetable gelatin, and for now are giving my home lovely Christmassy smells.

And then December. Hard to make an understated gratitude list for a month which already owns the tag line "the most wonderful time of the year". All my life I've had stubbornly held on to my childhood feelings of and excitement for Christmas, though, if I am honest as the years go on the magic of Christmas though still there in the background, starts to get blurred behind a wave of hangovers and bank balance knocks, and the feeling you are just one woman and how do you do it all?
But as I sit here, with my Anthropologie Christmas scented candle burning, and my tree lights on, watching ever Christmas movie on Netflix and Amazon like the basic bitch I aim to be, I am just trying to remind myself to soak it all up. All the nostalgia, all the good will, and all the memories that hang around a string of fairy lights, the hard to reach notes of Hark the Herald angels sing and cinnamon in the air. So some things I am looking forward to and grateful for in December:

1.Feeling like the season justifies you taking half days off work to do nothing more than slunk about candle lit pubs, drinking mulled wine and seasonal ales you would never touch the rest of the time, then walking out and the cold hitting you straight in the face
2. Stuffing

3. Crackling log fires

4. Having all the snacks around all the time making watching TV on a Monday night an indulgent experience. And not even minding the TV adverts, as they all make you feel so bloomin festive

5. Going ice skating in some of London's prettiest places, or just hanging around outside eating roast chestnuts

6. The first taste in your mouth in the morning being chocolate. Thank you advent calendars

7. Sitting in traffic or a packed tube or wherever, but everyone on there being happy as you are all going home for Christmas

8. Finding the perfect gift, and giving it the wrapping it deserves

9. Feeling like you get another chance to make the next year the best year yet.

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