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9 nice things | January and February

Sort of weird to sit here writing about some nice things I bought in January, whilst some crazy bloke with a pretty small political mandate is doing some pretty crazy things. 27% of the eligible US voters chose President Trump (a little more than 27% chose Hillary Clinton) so why he thinks he can, by himself, without any approval from congress or the senate do something that so undermines the tolerance, freedom and immigration that the US was built on, blows my mind. Seems like a good way to get yourself impeached to me. I also think it is seems bizarre he chalks this up to being part of the war on terrorism - not just because the countries he's picked has nothing to do with the 9/11 hijackers - but mainly because this seems to be exactly what terrorists want. To divide us, to disrupt our lives and to make us believe they are what Islam is. But anyway, in this time when the stench of all this crazy crap is going on in some ways it can seem silly, but I think it is just as important as ever to stop and smell the roses. So without further adieu some little roses for a Sunday afternoon:

3 objects -

I'm feeling pretty pleased with myself as I've read 4 books and listened to two audiobooks in January, but this one - Mad Girl by Bryony Gordon - I devoured in 2 evenings after work.

I engraved this little pink Moleskine pocketbook with my initials in gold, to try my hand at bullet journalling in 2017

A margarita (or two) enjoyed at Hector and Noble in Victoria Park village.

3 on the web -

An argument for keeping Christmas decorations up all winter (I was pointed in the direction of this one, by one of my favourite blogs - Reading my Tea Leaves)

Madeline Shaw tells us what to eat to feel good (including dark chocolate before bed)

Going to try my hand at these retro painted flowers my next rainy afternoon in.

3 in the world -

When two people go for a seat on the tube, but both stop and offer it to the other. People are nice.

Frosty grounds which make pavements sparkle

60 years of the earth with my Dad on it- Happy Birthday Popster!

And then to look forward to in February:

1. Valentine's day - an excuse to wear pink, eat chocolate and fill your home with flowers
2. Galentine's day - see above
3. More easter chocolate in supermarkets - I have eaten 2 packets of Golden Eggs this week (insert queasy looking shocked emoji here)
4. The sun getting up when I do
5. A trip to this little restaurant next Friday to celebrate the end of a tricky week - 8 Hoxton Square
6. Our first time hosting a 5 year old's birthday party, for Will's niece. Fortunately, this will be a family party, so we are not throwing ourselves in the deep end by trying to entertain 20 five year olds. Still - going to track down some coloured pasta for the pasta party she wants and maybe decorate with these fairy lights.
7. Call the Midwife is back on!
8. It is still hot chocolate season.
9. A proper holiday! A 2 week break with some sun, sea, jazz, booze, food and 5 of my favourite people.

Have a good one. And finally, back to the Trump thing again, maybe this isn't all that bad because maybe in trying to divide everyone he'll accidentally do the opposite and bring us all closer together. Watching from the UK, I'm thankful for the people who get up, get out and march and protest for the rights of people they don't know and will never meet. Love always trumps hate right?

PS. An idea for a supper club with friends.

Photo from Pinterest of Yinka Shonebare's installation on immigration.


  1. This is such a great post, especially in light of all that you mentioned in your intro.
    I'm going to have to put Victoria Park Village on my list of places in London to explore now! I walked through the park the other day and loved it but must head back and explore more of the area.
    I too am also very glad that it will continue to be hot chocolate season for the next month or so! It's the little things that make things brighter isn't it!!
    Thanks for sharing some lovely ideas and positivity.
    Louise x

    1. Thanks Louise! Yes definitely add Victoria Park village to your list! Hector and Noble has this amazing looking Vietnamese across the road from it, which I always think would make a perfect pre cocktail spot,and in the summer I am pretty sure the village is the place that invented aperol spritzes (or at least started the trend of serving them in every Pub in the UK!) Such a lovely corner of London.