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Happy New Year! Happy New Look!

Welcome to 2017! I hope whoever is reading this feels fresh and fabulous to face the new year and new start! But hey, if  no, everyone knows you get the 1st January off from your New Year resolutions.

My Grandpa boyfriend (not actually a Grandpa) got his turn to choose what we were doing for NYE, so instead of partying on a beach in the Philippines (my choice, last year) we stayed in just the 2 of us, ordered chinese, opened 2 bottles of champagne and played Monopoly. And actually, it was really nice and even nicer, I feel like a human being today! I have all this 1st January bounce, that has been sapped by alcohol ever since I had my first hangover. I might actually go for a run. Probably won't, but I may do.

I wanted to start this year a fresh, so I've updated my about page, removing the references to Beyonce and Jay Z's lift incident of 2013 as that seems quite outdated since the release of Lemonade.

I've also changed my pages, as I am worried that centering everything around the word Loner makes this blog seem more emo than was intended. I did ponder about changing the name, but actually Loner Lover Friend does get to the centre of what I want this place to be about, plus it tickles me it sounds so much like an R. Kelly song I already have the t-shirt of.

Read my new about page and take a quick tour here.

Before I leave this as a post where I have just waffled on about myself and then pointed you in the direction of a longer post which does even more waffling about myself, I thought I would try and leave you with one useful thing (more useful things should be coming next Sunday, NY resolutions pending).

I read this this morning, and I just think it is a great attitude to go in to the New Year with. On New Year's Day where I am definitely guilty of embracing that I have yet to do anything wrong so far (shout at my boyfriend, have a panic attack and act like a crazy girlfriend, leave all the mess from my baking attempts around the kitchen) I think it is important to embrace mistakes and failure as that means we are trying. You might not see them all in Blogosphere (aka perfect-lives not-so-anonymous) but although I am resolving to shout less, panic less, clean up after myself more in 2017 I think it is important to remember mistakes are part of life, and part of growing.

"I hope that in this year to come, you make mistakes. Because if you are making mistakes, then you are making new things, trying new things, learning, living, pushing yourself, changing yourself, changing your world. You're doing things you've never done before, and more importantly, you're doing something."
                                                                                                                      (Neil Gaiman)

Happy 2017 y'all, hope it is a good one!

PS. The original about page.
PPS. Photos in this post are from my glorious trip in the days between Christmas and New Year, to Standen, a National Trust property in Sussex. So bloomin lush. I am definitely resolved to make more time to visit beautiful places in 2017. As I said to Will, as he rolled his eyes at me and my sentimental nature, I feel like they still my soul. Man that is a lot of epic emotions for a PPS.

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