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Happy Galentine's day! A pink and red brunch menu

(Which is also pretty much dairy free if you are into it).

Reader, today I am sick. Yesterday in Leslie Knope style I threw a Galentine's brunch (although unfortunately lacking gifts of handmade mosaics of my friends faces a la Knope). Turns out, if you have what I would call a moderate cold, don't feed it all the pink alcoholic drinks and all the pink, red and beige food which whilst being delicious are not nutritious. But if you are not fighting a cold, and fancy a little Valentines - nay Galentines - themed get together with your pals, then take a peek at this little set up:

We ate:

Strawberry and rhubarb loaf (although I swapped the sour cream for a splash of coconut and almond milk, to make it dairy free for my friend)

Coconut and raspberry chia seed pudding

Houmous, with 2 slices of beetroot folded in, to make it blush pink


Smoked Salmon


Pink peppercorn cream cheese (just grind a 2tsp of pink peppercorns into 3 tbsp of cream cheese)

Raspberry and vanilla waffles (using this recipe, but swapping milk for coconut and almond milk and adding an extra splash whilst omitting the sour cream, and switching the chocolate for frozen raspberries)


Smashed avocado with chilli (ok, it ain't pink or red, but I am not hosting any brunch without avocado, I am not a monster).

Also, if you are an egg gal (I am not, so my friends are unfortunately denied the privilege) then look at this little heart shaped egg poacher!

We drank:

Prosecco with rose petals

Bloody Mary's

Raspberry glitter cosmos. The tip for this is to make normal cosmos, but then to buy a gross (but wonderful) bottle of £5 raspberry glittery Corky's and just drizzle that on top.

Happy Sunday y'all, hope yours is less tissue and lemsip filled than mine!

PS. Valentines throwback.

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