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All alone in Sydney - 9 excellent things to do by yourself there

Gang, when you read this I WILL BE ON HOLIDAY.

Yessssssss, wooop, wahey. Will get me a cat. (Just trying to get some subliminal messaging in for my boyfriend in case he reads my blog. If you are not my boyfriend you can ignore the last 3 sentences).

Anyway, all this excitement for holidays has made me reminisce for some lovely holidays of the past, and I thought now might be a good time to post about my trip to Sydney as you know, it is hot in Australia right now and it is not hot here in England, so we should all go there.

When I visited Australia, I tagged along on Will's business trip, which as well as meaning we had a lols galore flight where he chillaxed in Emirates business on the upstairs bit of the plane whilst I roughed it in economy on the lower deck, it also meant a lot of me time whilst he was at work. I didn't really mind about this (both the economy class flight and the alone time) partly because I was getting a 10 night stay overlooking Sydney harbour and not paying for it, and partly because when you are by yourself it can actually be pretty great. (The economy Emirates flight was also fine, because gosh dammit, Emirates is dead posh). You can do whatever you want - in fact, one of my (unbeknown to her) life gurus Joanna Goddard, says on all holidays with her husband they often  spend an afternoon or day apart.

And if you find yourself alone (or indeed with someone) in Sydney, this Australian summer, here are 9 excellent things you can do:

1. A beachside yoga class in Bondi

2. Followed by a Bronte to Bondi walk

3. A picnic for one with banana bread in the Royal Botanical Gardens

4. A jasmine tea and a good book in the Chinese Garden of Friendship

5. Make friends with the koalas at Taronga zoo, and get very jealous of the fantastic view the giraffes have

6. A swim in the amazing sea pools, like the one pictured in at the top of this post in Bondi - the Icebergs (named by someone who I believe has never swum in Hampstead Heath bathing ponds on an English summer day)

7. A saunter around the fish market, with a rest for some fresh oysters to keep you going

8. Vintage shopping in Surry Hills

9. A cliff side walk round Watson's bay, followed by a pint  - sorry 2/3 of a pint - a schooner in Watson's Bay Boutique hotel

Plus some lovely date nights -

1. Late night openings at the Gallery of New South Wales
2. Films under the stars with Inner West Cinema
3. Fairy lit dinner and drinks in Bondi and/or Manly beaches

PS. A wholesome trip to Amsterdam
PPS. Sorry for the 2 week break, I attempted to make a sofa-bed out of pallets on my last Sundays, and was defeated. Will be back to weekly Sunday posts from next week.

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