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9 nice things, and 3 slightly bad things | July and August

So I have just got back from a chicken wing festival (!!!) and decided this was as good a time as any to boot up this little baby again.

Well a good time as:

1) I only have 1 more wedding and 1 more hen do this year, so I have time in my weekends to waffle on the internet again now they are not filled with pedal-bussing round London in 30 degree weather (my friend Alice's hen do, mid June), falling in a river (Katherine, last weekend) or being videoed violently pushing a stranger out of my dance space, as I, high on sangria and jaegerbombs leap onto a hay stack as part of my interpretative single ladies dance at Vida festival in Barcelona (Katy, beginning of July). And that is not even mentioning my wedding antics, which were not much more refined despite the evening wear.

2) It is also my birthday in 2 weeks on Wednesday, and this is my prime place to subliminally (or not so subliminally) convince Will to get me a cat. (Ahem). WILL GET ME A CAT. Thanks.

You'll see I am back with an old blogging favourite, a little gratitude list, because it is good for us to count our blessings, don't you know. I try to do these - when I am not taking accidental 3 month blogcations - every other month, looking back at lovely things, looking forward to lovely things etc etc etc. Despite the despondency of that last sentence that is what I will be doing here and I do actually like writing them; how.ev.er: in the interest of making this blog as authentic as possible I wanted to also list some slightly bad, or at least slightly annoying things, as a reminder to me and anyone who reads this, life isn't always instagrammable all the time and that is normal. Like, guys, tbh I'm not always falling in rivers or shoving strangers from my dance space. Sometimes my life is just not that glamorous.

3 lovely things I bought in July:

This navy blue velvet embroidered Zara dress. I just need it to be October so I can wear it, thanks.
Not working, a novel by Lisa Owens. Rofls galore, and also, so comforting.

3 lovely things on the internet:

Hannah Gale, my secret (to her) life guru, is having a baby.
Madeleine Shaw, my other secret (to her) life guru is having a baby even sooner.
On a completely separate note, My Dad wrote a porno. I know I am late to the party but you. have. to. listen. to. this. (If you haven't already). Snorting all over the tube.

3 lovely things in the world

I did 2 tequila shots with my 85 year old Grandma and it was wonderful
English countryside - all the weddings have taken me to corners of England I've never visited before, and it was bloody lovely, this island is such a beauty innit
Walking home at dawn through dewy fields a little drunk after a long night out, it has been a good year (ok 6) since I've done that

3 slightly bad things
I had to remove a dead rat from my garden the other day. It was too big for a dustpan and brush
Walking 2 miles through the city in the rain with a ginormous 10 dress full ASOS package I had already impatiently opened on my head
Falling in a river. That really wasn't as glamorous as it might have sounded, there were weeds and algae and fish and wotnot. And I swallowed some. (Pond water that is, not fish).

9 lovely things in August

1. It's my birthday and I am going to party like it's my birthday and I am going to drink bacardi like it's my birthday, because I really give a f*ck that is it my birthday
2. We've ordered a chef to come and cook for us at my parent's house and it is going to be so glitzy y'all
3. A spa day. A massage. I've bought this deal and I am well excited for champagne on a roof terrace in a robe.
4. Anyone else want to go and see this Shakespeare play in a rose garden with me?
5. It is the summer holidays so it is way easier to get a seat on the tube (even though it is hot as hell on there)
6. A trip to Kew gardens to see the hive
7. The smell of summer rain
8. It is still crisp white wine/ rose season
9. I am going to become a cat mummy, right, Will?

PS. More nice things, enjoyed in earlier months

Photo via pinterest, I am not that skinny.

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