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Stop me buying all 25 of these excellent winter coats

But maybe allow me to buy one? Ok three. Everyone needs three good winter coats, we all know that.

In my defence too, I've been wearing an asos pale blue cocoon coat (shown in this November 2014 post) I bought from a market for £30 in 2013 as my main winter bae ever since, so it is not like I buy hundreds of pounds of coats every year. But daily journeys on the tube, too many times left crumpled in the corner of some booth in a bar, regular walks in the rain without an umbrella and countless burrito related accidents means no amount of dry cleaning or (discouraged on the label) time in the washing machine can get out the greyish tinge it has gathered over the years.

My original planned post for today was going to be something around ice lollies and alcohol, but Autumn feels really here this September no? Coat season is upon us, ice lolly season is mainly behind us, and I am looking for a coat like my pale blue one: something with a dash of stand out, something I can wear with jeans and a jumper, with work clothes (which tbh are often jeans and a jumper, but are sometimes smarter) and occasionally even a cocktail dress.

So which one? Aaah all the great choices (and I didn't even include all the bloomin great kimonos out there this season, because they don't really count right, so I won't be including them in my self imposed coat ration.) So kimonos and dressy jackets aside, I think one fur, one wool, and one parka/trench is probably fair...

(from left) Cranberry pea coat £225, French Connection; Striped parka waterproof £49.99, Zara; Faux leopard fur, £65, Monki

(from left) faux suede trench £79.99, Zara; pastel check £150, Yumi; mint wool £270, Jigsaw
(from left) pink textured £85, Topshop; flared trench £190, French Connection; multi colour check £89.99, h&m

(from left) grey petite cocoon £65, Topshop; rust check £135 in the sale, Whistles; black and white £92 in the sale, French Connection
(from left) plum shearing coat £75, Monki, mint wool jacket £199, Olive, plum tweed coat £94 in the sale, Fenn Wright

(from left) bell shaped sleeve coat £86, Oasis; big button navy coat £99.99, and navy black coat £95.99 both Zara
(from left) pink wool double breasted £159 in the sale, Hobbs; red checkered duster £122 in the sale, Finery; simple checkered £99.99, Zara  


PS. More thoughts on looking nice - a trick for wearing red lipstick and look casual

Copyrights - all photos are taken from retailer's websites and have been linked back in the caption below. Top photo is of nude pink fur is from Zara, priced £95.99 and available here

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