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9 nice (and 3 slightly bad) things | January and February.

Normally I begin these 9 nice things list with a whole expansive waffeling on the state of the world (ie. my musings on Trump and Brexit) or mental health (mine, mainly) and arguably now, 2 months since I last posted, is as good a time as any to give everyone (well my 40 subscribers and my mum and dad, hi guys!) a thorough update on my life, but I have stumbled across a playlist I made in 2013 for Will when he was in Australia, and my need to "jamm" (if you will) along is taking up 99% of my attention. So without further adieu 9 nice things (and 3 bad things) January which is all I have brain capacity for currently:

3 lovely things I have bought

  • This fringed red jumper from Sezane, not in the sale, because what are January sales for if not to direct my attention to all the non sale things I would like to purchase.
  • The Power by Naomi Alderman. Oh my goodness such a good book. Also I feel whilst I am going on about excellent novels, I should mention Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi, which I guess makes this 4 lovely things I have bought (though actually Homegoing was December sooo...). 2 just wonderful, jaw dropping, make-you feel-like you-are-a-cleverer-and-more-rounded-person-as-soon-as-you-have-finished-a-chapter books and I feel so lucky to have read one after the other.
  • My cleaner Kasia. Is this the most bougie item to ever been listed on a "nice things" type of blog post? Quite possibly but I am sticking by it, best £20 I (well Will but I am getting next week's) have ever spent. Getting a cleaner was such a successful new year's resolution, I highly recommend it.

3 lovely things on the web

  • @bymariaandrew 's instagram account. Where I pinched the picture for this post from. And I might pinch all the pictures for these nice things post forever from because all her posts are just that. So. nice.
  • Who are these Americans who cook their pasta with vodka? Apparently it is a thing the other side of the pond? I don't know, but I am all about the cheesy creamy carbs, with carbs, extra carbs and booze. A recipe for penne alla vodka.

3 lovely things in the world

  • Not needing to go out all the time and being able to stay inside and watch one million Friends episodes (its on Netflix people! In case you were the only person in the world who didn't know) because it is January and it is cold outside and you probably shouldn't be spending money going out and stuff anyway.
  • All the excellent January TV. Call the Midwife. This is us. Also it is not a new one, but has anyone found Search Party? 
  • A fresh new year with no mistakes on it. And no hangovers. See ya December!

3 not so good things in January (as despite how I aim to make things look on this corner of the internet, my life is not so perfectly filtered)

  • I ugly cried on a crowded platform when I missed a train from East Croydon after my £14 Ryan Air flight from Dublin was delayed (I had flown in and out on one day for meetings, not the dream)
  • My Auntie gave me some very thoughtful plants for my garden for Christmas (some I had complimented in her garden) but I haven't planted them yet so there is probably a 93% chance they are dead.
  • I joined a gym (I think a good thing) near my new work, but it is a 10 minute walk away and I like to go on my lunch breaks so I had to buy an adult sized push scooter to get me there. Yes, like children have. And yes, many of my new colleagues have seen me on it, so that has been my first impression to my new work pals - the scooter girl.

9 nice things in February to look forward to:

  • Valentine's day.
  • Galentine's day.
  • Those first little cherry blossoms and daffodils squeezing their Spring-ness out. 
  • I am going to Flesh and Buns unlimited prosecco and buns brunch and I am excited.
  • The ABBA exhibition is still on at the Southbank
  • Massaoke is back if you are a Londoner like me (I've never been and I am sceptical but I have heard it is excellent)
  • More light! Maybe leaving work in the light this month, maybe?
  • There is a gin and tonic vending machine that has opened in Old Street.
  • Having money again. Or at least more than you have in that horrible dry patch between your early Christmas payday (which you spend on all the cocktails and Christmas presents) and your late January payday. Come to mumma, everything in the Zara sale.

Mike drop. Tired now. Byeeee.

PS. If you are wondering what playlist I was listening to it featured Fantasia "When I See U" and.... Chris Brown Don't Wake Me Up. I know I know. *insert emoticon of monkey covering his eyes with his hands here*

PPS. Other nice things from previous months

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